Hey, I'm David!

I've always had trouble specializing and focusing on just a couple of things, so I'm all over the place 🙃

This blog is about web development, but I enjoy many other things like:

  • Exercising 💪🏼
  • Playing board games 🎲
  • Playing and training my dog 🐕
  • Preparing and drinking coffee ☕️
  • Reading self-development books 📚
  • Geeking about gaming PC building 🔧
  • Writing in my personal finance blog in Spanish 🇲🇽
  • Playing video games; mainly first-person shooters and real-time strategy games 🎮
  • Meeting new people online 🌐Let's connect on Twitter

Here is a recent photo of me with my dog, Nina:

A picture of me, David, and Nina, my dog

Nice to meet you! 👋